Know exactly what your customers want

Elapse AI handles your customer support questions and turns them into comprehensive, structured feedback.

Trusted by
5,000+ users

A chatbot that gets smarter with every chat

Elapse AI learns every detail about your company, including past and future support tickets, paving the way for a stress-free, self-sufficient, and fully autonomous support system.

Never answer the same
question twice

Always deliver consistent
customer support

Know exactly what
your users truly want

Elapse Intuition

Gain an accurate understanding of what your users truly want, based on a comprehensive and representative set of feedback.

Share docs and past conversations with Elapse

Upload all supporting documentation and insert all supporting web pages to help the chatbot answer questions based on your data.

Elapse will instantly solve over 70% of your customer support

Elapse AI typically starts at 70% and can reach full 100% self-sufficiency. Never worry about hiring more if Elapse is active.

Elapse forwards unknown queries to your team and learns from their answers

Upon receiving a response from your team, Elapse learns and enhances your company's knowledge base. This ensures that your support team never answers similar questions twice.

Begin truth-seeking using your customers' data.

Elapse helps you prioritize product updates and features based on real user needs, leading to a product that better serves your audience.

Elapse will analyze your topics to reveal key insights

By accumulating feedback over time, our AI model offers decision-makers a more holistic understanding of their users' needs and provides an objective record of how often specific issues and features were requested.

Automate your support, make effective product decisions

A consistent and systematic approach to solving, managing, processing, and learning from support tickets, and gaining a more direct understanding of the user.